Genus Oltacola Roewer 1934

Oltacola Roewer, 1934: 608; Mello-Leitão, 1938a: 27; Muma, 1976: 29.


Roewer (1934) characterized the genus as follows:


"Ammotrechidae, deren 2. und 3. Tarsus jeweils 2-gliedrig und deren 4. Tarsus 4-gliedrig ist; 2. und 3. Tibia dorsal mit je 1 Enddorn, ventral-apikal mit 1.2 Dornborsten. Das erste Glied des 2. und 3. Tarsus ist doppelt so lang wie das zweite, und das erste Glied des 4. Tarsus ist so lang wie die untereinander gleichlangen drei letzten Glieder zusammen (Abb. 342, b, c)."

[Ammotrechidae whose 2nd and 3rd tarsi are each 2-segmented and whose 4th tarsi are 4-segmented; 2nd and 3rd tibia dorsally with 1 terminal spine, and with 1.2 ventral-apical spine-like setae. The first segment of the 2nd and 3rd tarsi is twice as long as the second, and the first segment of the 4th tarsus is as long as the last three similarly sized segments together (fig. 342, b, c).]

Redrawn from Roewer 1934




Type species:


Oltacola gomezi Roewer, 1934, by original designation.

Included species:


  • Oltacola chacoensis Roewer 1934
  • Oltacola goetschi Lawatsch in Goetsch & Lawatsch 1944
  • Oltacola gomezi Roewer 1934
  • Oltacola mendocina Mello Leitão 1938


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