Family Ammotrechidae Roewer 1934

In members of the family Ammotrechidae, the anterior margin of the propeltidium slopes posteriorly from the eye tubercle, and adult males have a fixed, non-rotatable membranous flagellum attached to the mesal face of each chelicera (see below).  They are known from North America, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean Islands. The 84 living species and single known fossil species are distributed among 22 genera, which in turn are distributed among five subfamilies. Ammotrecha (9 species), Ammotrechella (13 species), Ammotrechesta (5 species), Ammotrechinus (1 species), Ammotrechona (1 species), Ammotrechula (12 species), Antillotrecha (2 species), Campostrecha (1 species), Dasycleobis (1 species), Neocleobis (1 species), and Pseudocleobis (20 species), are placed together in the subfamily Ammotrechinae, whose members are broadly distributed through North, Central, and South America. The monotypic genus Mortola of Argentina is placed by itself in the subfamily Mortolinae. Nothopuga (2 species, both from Argentina) is the sole genus in the Nothopuginae. The four Argentinian species comprising the genus Oltacola are assigned to the subfamily Oltacolinae. Branchia (3 species) Chinchippus (2 species) Innesa (1 species) Procleobis (1 species) Saronomus (1 species) are placed in the Saronominae. Three living species [Chileotrecha atacamensis, Eutrecha longirostris, and Xenotrecha huebneri], and the sole known fossil species [Happlodontus proterus], are not presently assigned to any of the recognized subfamilies. For additional information about the included subfamilies and genera, use the pull-down menu on the left of this page.

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