The North American Fauna

United States:

  • Family Ammotrechidae
  • Subfamily Ammotrechinae Roewer
  • Genus Ammotrecha Banks
  • Ammotrecha cobinensis Muma
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (California).
  • Ammotrecha stollii (Pocock)
    Distribution: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Grenada, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, U.S.A. (Louisiana, Texas).
  • Genus Ammotrechella Roewer
  • Ammotrechella pseustes (Chamberlin)
    Distribution: Panama, Puerto Rico, U.S.A. (California).
  • Ammotrechella setulosa Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (Texas).
  • Ammotrechella stimpsoni (Putnam)
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (Florida).
  • Genus Ammotrechula Roewer
  • Ammotrechula borregoensis Muma
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (California, Nevada).
  • Ammotrechula catalinae Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (Arizona).
  • Ammotrechula lacuna Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (Nevada).
  • Ammotrechula mulaiki Muma
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (Texas).
  • Ammotrechula peninsulana (Banks)
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (Arizona, New Mexico, Texas).
  • Ammotrechula pilosa Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (Arizona, California, Nevada, Texas).
  • Ammotrechula venusta Muma
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (Arizona).
  • Ammotrechula wasbaueri Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (California).
  • Subfamily Saronominae Roewer
  • Genus Branchia Muma
  • Branchia angustus Muma
    Distribution: Mexico, U.S.A. (Arizona, California).
  • Branchia brevis Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (Arizona, Texas).
  • Branchia potens Muma
    Distribution: U.S.A. (California, Nevada, Utah).

  • Family Eremobatidae

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