Horribates minimus Muma 1989

Horribates minimus Muma, 1989: 15 (key), 16, 52 (fig. 20), 53 (figs. 21, 22).




Female holotype collected in house, Lytle Creek Canyon, San Bernardino Co., California, 1 September, 1970 by David E. Bixler in FSCA.

Original description:

Muma, 1989: 7-8 (key), 13:

(Females) Species with no movable, spine-like setae on palpal tarsi; females 15 mm. or less in length; opercular pits not directed ventrally and not located medially....
Females with 3 pairs of movable, spine-like setae on palpal femora; opercular pits small, located laterally and direct ed ventrolaterally.......................H. minimus

"DIAGNOSIS: Species distinguished by reduced number (26-30) of robust, movable, spine-like, palpal setae , small size of these setae, distinctive genital opercula and extensively dusky legs and palpi.

FEMALE HOLOTYPE: Total length 15.0 mm.




Leg 1

Leg 4


4.3 mm






1.6 mm




A/CP =5.85

CP =5.9

Coloration in alcohol pale yellow marked with dusky purple as follows: chelicerae unmarked; eye tubercle dark ; propeltidium dusky along J:ateral and posterior margins and faintly dusky behind each eye; mesopeltidium, metapeltidium, and abdominal tergites densely reticulate dusky; pleura dusky; abdominal sternites dusky along lateral margins; venter otherwise pale; malleoli white; palpi and legs dusky on tarsi, metatarsi, tibiae, and on apical ends of femora; legs also dusky to faintly dusky on dorsal surfaces of trochanters.
Dentition shown in figure 20 , note also ECCS. Mesal tooth missing; fondal tooth formula I, III, II, IV for both rows; mesal setae of movable finger plumose on basal half of articulation area, simple apically. This species has a greater than usual number of strong, sclerotized setae ectally just behind fond and dentition of fixed cheliceral finger .
Structure otherwise very similar to H. spinigerus except robust, movable, spine-like, palpal setae greatly reduced in number to 26-30 and are much shorter, shown in figure 21. There are two widely separated trace ctenidia on first post-stigmatic abdominal sternite. Genital oper cula in figure 22 ."

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