This website is an evolving work-in-progress originally associated with a major collaborative research project (Global Survey and Inventory of Solifugae) funded by the Biodiversity Surveys and Inventories program of the U.S. National Science Foundation (Grants 0640219 and 0640245), and currently associated with research proposed under the U.S. National Science Foundation Advancing Revisionary Taxonomy and Systematics (ARTS) program (Proposal Number 1733117). The site provides information about the biology, taxonomy, and distribution of arachnids contained in the order Solifugae. The site also includes an extensive bibliography, with links to literature resources and, in some cases, to copies of hard-to-find publications. Past and present content contributors to this site include Warren Savary (webmaster), Alexander Gromov, Kristie Reddick, Bob Wharton, Lorenzo Prendini, Jason Dunlop, Paula Cushing, and Jack Brookhart, among others. Photographers and artists are credited in the captions of the individual photographs and illustrations that appear within the site.

It is my hope that this site will promote a better understanding of these unique arachnids and facilitate, if not stimulate, research involving them. If you have suggestions or contributions for this site, please contact me at wsavary@yahoo.com.



Warren Savary

        Eremocosta striata (Putnam), female. Nogales, AZ.                                ¬©Warren E. Savary 2016